The Latest from WHO12th December 2014

The Latest from WHO


  • 18152 cases/6548 deaths total



  • Case incidence is declining in Liberia
  • 100% of districts in all 3 countries now have access to laboratory support for prompt and accurate diagnosis (access = having the capacity to transport a sample to a lab by road within 24 hours of sample collection)



  • Case incidence is increasing in Guinea and Sierra Leone
  • the distribution of treatment facilities doesn’t align with distribution of cases and so some regions within countries are seeing shortages of beds/availability of treatment (even though at the national level, all countries technically have sufficient bed capacity to isolate/treat cases)
  • contact tracing has improved dramatically (now at 85%+ depending on the country) but still a challenge in areas of intense transmission


Analysis from other sources:


Needs going forward

  • Increased coordination in the response, particularly in Sierra Leone and Guinea
  • Focus on reaching most remote areas of Guinea (largely Forestry Guinea, or Guinée forestière), Guinea’s main transmission hotspot
  • Better geographic alignment of treatment facilities with where the cases are
  • Continuing to improve contact tracing, particularly in the high-transmission areas
  • Faster delivery of promised resources
  • More highly-trained, skilled health workers
  • Continue contact tracing to prevent new cases/spread in Mali